A Wheel Within a Wheel

Birds, by Jose Luis De La Barra Bellido, Chosica Lima, Peru


Artists from around the world speaking out on environmental issues and the need for recycling.  In this exhibition,

— Some artists concentrated on specific threats to our environment, informing us about such issues as a disease that decimates bee populations and invasive plants that overwhelm nature preserves or clog lakes and rivers

— Some focused on the beauty and fragility of the land — depictions of the landscape and the animals and plants that inhabit it recall nature’s delicate balance

–And other artists  explored the potential of reusing and recycling material —  in their hands, workroom scraps, broken dishes, and even recycled paint became art.

One of the artists represented in the exhibition expresses it best:

“Throughout history, artists have expressed their ideas about the times they lived in. The Landfillart project delivers an important, powerful environmental message about our times through the voice of the artists
Marilyn Chapman from Victoria, BC, Canada

See some of the artworks included below

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Recycle-Lifecycle, by Rita Dianni-Kaleel, South Holland, Illinois

Recycling needs to be recognized as an important way to preserve the health of our world for future generations. The sooner we unite to fulfill  this need, the better our chances are of restoring what has already been lost…” Rita Dianni-Kaleel

Time is Running Out, by Sue Sponenberg, Nescopeck, Pennsylvania

“I thought it was an excellent way to bring light to some of the issues affecting our earth. I chose the topic of endangered species because of my deep love and respect for animals and my hope that we serve as their protectors before time runs out for them.” Sue Sponenberg”

We Need Bees, by Heather Lee, Alexandria, Virginia

I believe the environment should be one of our biggest priorities right now, as the current and future health of the planet will affect us directly. If I can use my art to create a greater sense of urgency then I am thrilled to do so.” Heather Lee

Redirect the Future, by Cynthia Meyers, Brooklyn, New York

“I believe we can make a difference if everyone were to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Driving a car is one of the most polluting acts an average person commits, so I chose the image of the boy on the bike…wearing a gas mask. We need to be responsible and make the world a cleaner place for the future of our environment and the future of our children.”  Cynthia Meyers.

Petroleum Pearl, By Rosemary Luckett, Manassas, Virginia

“I feel it is important that people see the connections between their cars, our distressed economy, and the need to reduce our dependence on cars — especially oil powered vehicles.”     Rosemary Luckett 

Untitled, By Kim, Suzanne and Katie Fink, Grand Forks, North Dakota

“Enviroment is a critical issue in the  current American culture. In the  Dakota’s fracking has had, and  continues to have  a dramatic affect on the environment as well as the  culture of the Dakota’s”     Kim, Suzanne, and Katie Fink