Special Reports

During the past few years, The Humanities Exchange in cooperation with The International Art Alliance and the Corporate Art Brief,  has issued several Sprecial Reports of intrest to art advisors, artists,art collectors, galleries, and those working in the art world.

The reports are available for $1.00 each or $3.00 for all six of the reports use the paypal buttons below

Here are the reports that are available.

New Implications of Copyright: How the Copyright laws are affecting art in the workplace and non-traditional spaces

Just issued in January 2018
Rreport outlines recent changes in the status of artworks created for public spaces, and private and corporate art collections.. The report is a useful guide for artists, art collectors, corporate art advisors, and anyone involved professionally in the artworld.
Topics include:
–Copyright and How it Affects Corporate Art Collections
–Works for Hire and their Copyright Status
–Creative Commons
–Fair Use in Copyright
–Visual Artists Rights (VARA)
–Freedom of Panorama
–Photographing Works of Art in Public Locations – a changing reality

How Art and Artists are Transforming the Workplace.

Businesses have been realizing that art can transform the workplace and that it should be an integral part of a motivating and productive working environment. They are actively including it as part of their mission statements and in the context of their broader business philosophy.

This report describes some of the ways that art has been transforming the workplace

Five Ways Art is good for Business

The bnefits of using art in the workplace are considerable, and this report describes the main reasons why art is good for business.

Art Collections in the Law Firm

A somewhat recent development in the world of art collecting has been the proliferation of law firms that have been assembling art collections.

This report is a survey and guide to some of the finest

2017 Trends in Corporate Art Collecting

The information and statistics in this report are compiled from the descriptions of the companies in the latest edition of the International Directory of Corporate Art Collections

100 Best – Results of the Research

In the research for the book, Celebration of Corporate Art Programmes Worldwide,  my co-author Peter Harris, and I researched nearly 400 corporations, and  100 art programs were selected  that demonstrate the highest standards in acquiring, caring for, and exhibiting their artworks

The charts summarize some of the findings for those 100 programs.  Charts include

  • Types  of businesses
    Year When the Collections Began
    Corporate Foundations
    Types of Art Programs that the companies sponsor
    The Largest Collections
    Media being collected