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Dufy by Design: The Fabric Designs of Raoul Dufy.     Exhibition catalogue to be published by The Humanities Exchange in English and Japanese.   Dufy transformed the face of fabric design during the first 30 years of the 20th century, and his style radically influenced the art of fashion design in the Western world. All of the major couturiers of the period and many up to the present have continued to use his fabric designs as the basis for their fashions. The exhibition is a reappraisal of the work of Dufy with a special emphasis on the fabric designs that he created between 1911 and 1928. Over 60 original fabric designs in watercolor and gouache by Raoul Dufy; 60+ examples of early 20th century silk fabrics designed by Dufy; sketches, promotional drawings from the archives of Bianchini-Ferier in Lyon, France; and 20+ dresses by French couturiers using Dufy fabric designs (Chanel, LaCroix, Poiret, etc). Exhibition travel in Japan during 2018.  Expanded edition currently in development  including theatre and tapestry designs.  2017.

The Egg of Many Cultures: The Transformation from the Ancient Celebration of Spring into Easter, 2017, 62 pages  ISBN 978-0-943488-14-1   $12.95

How Art and Artists are Transforming the Workplace, special report, 15 pages, 2017

Corporate Art Collections: Current Trends and the Future, special report, 15 pages, 2016

Art Collections in the Law Firm, special report, 20 pages, 2016

Celebration of Corporate Art Programmes Worldwide

Co-authors Shirley Reiff Howarth and Peter Harris.  The book offers a fascinating look behind the scenes into the world of corporate art. Celebrating progress in the field of corporate art programs and illustrating examples of best practice, the book explores the involvement of business in promoting and supporting museums and artists through art programs. It documents the work of well over 100 companies worldwide – from major blue chip corporations,  to hospitals, hotels, airports, factories and transit systems  300 pages, 320 color illustrations, hardbound.  Published by Wapping Arts Trust, London, January 2014. Additional information at

The Silent Partner: Art in the Workplace.    Published by Internattional Art Alliance, and The Humanities Exchange.  2011.  2nd edition in Kindle Edition, 2017.

Dufy by Design.  Exhibition catalogue published in English, 2010

Raoul Dufy: A Celebration of Beauty.  Published in English; Mississippi Museum of Art and The Humanities Exchange, 2009.

Raoul Dufy: A Celebration of Beauty. Exhibition catalogue published in English and Japanese, 2006.

Raoul Dufy: A Celebration of Beauty. 

Exhibition catalogue, Published by The Humanities Exchange. Exhibition of 200 oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, textile designs from private collections in Europe and antique silk fabrics, original fabric design projects, and sketches from the archives of Soieries of Bianchini-Ferier in Lyon, France offering an unprecedented view of the work of Dufy. . The exhibition was on tour in Japan during 2006 (five museums – Osaka, Shizuoka, Fukushima, Nagoya, Tokyo), and then in North America during 2008-2010 (Society for the Four Arts, Palm Beach, FL; Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS; University of Wyoming Museum of Art, Laramie, WY); and the Museum of Art in Luxembourg in 2011.

The International Directory of Corporate Art Collections

In continuous publication for over 30 years, this is the only reference source to the rapidly changing world of corporate art collecting. Additional information at

Guide to Organizers of Traveling Exhibitions. 

An annual directory that described the history, philosophy, types of exhibitions (with lists of available exhibitions), security and transportation requirements, fee ranges, educational programs, and staff information for about 120 of the most important organizers of traveling exhibitions in North America.   Published by The Humanities Exchange from  1988 – 2006.

Traveling Exhibitions in the United States : A Market Study. 

Commissioned by the Musee de la civilisation, Quebec Canada.  Market study of traveling exhibitions in the United States, to identify possible museums for future collaboration.  2005.

Traveling Exhibition Information Service Newsletter and database.

A network of information on traveling exhibitions in the arts, sciences, and history, organized by museums, historical societies and other non-profit educational organizations.  Subscribers included museums, university galleries, libraries, and other exhibition spaces..  Published by The Humanities Exchange.  1981 – 2000.   English, French and German editions.

Corporate ArtBrief,

published by The Humanities Exchange and the International Art Alliance.  On-line newsletter with current news of corporate art collections and resource information.  Published by The Humanities Exchange..  Website addresses:    and

Traveling Exhibitions Database. 

A searchable database of information on approximately 1400 traveling exhibitions in the arts, sciences, and history.  Published by The Humanities Exchange.  1995 – 2002.  Accessible on the Internet at

Directory of US and Canadian Collections,” The Art Newspaper, No. 105, July – August 2000, part of the supplement of Focus on Corporate Collections

Corporate Art, Globalization in the 90s,” ARTnews Magazine, December 1990, 11 page supplement,.

Corporate Art: The International Partnership,” ARTnews Magazine, December 1988, 26 page supplement