Dedicated to the international exchange and touring of museum exhibitions, and encouraging understanding and mutual respect among cultures around the world

       Founded in 1981, the Humanities Exchange is a non-profit educational organization that serves as a network for information on art in the workplace and exhibition exchange, and facilitates the exchange of exhibitions between museums in  Europe, Canada and the United States

       As an international organization, it assists a worldwide audience of museums, art centers, universities, libraries, corporations, foundations and other cultural organizations. The fields of interest include the visual arts, history, science -- all of the humanities disciplines. The Exchange's activities are focused in three primary areas:


       To advise and work with museums in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the United States in coordinating and presenting touring exhibitions and encouraging exhibition exchange around the world.

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       To assist museums and cultural institutions by providing information on art in the workplace, available exhibitions and on organizing exhibitions, through regular publications both in printed or computer disk format.



On-line educational courses:

     To assist artists, art galleries, art advisors, municipal and governmental art agencies indemonstrating how art programs can forge links with the communty, and how art can be used as a social connector in the workplace.  Two online courses are currently in pilot projects and are available at a discounted price.  They are:

Art in the Workplace:  Creating and Managing Corporate Art Programs

A Course for Artists:  Creating Art for the Workplace and Non-Traditional Spaces

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